About normalization and attenuation input file format

Hi, Dear Castor developers &users,
These days i was trying to do some recons with normalization and attenuation correction. And i found that CASToR provides some access maybe could establish it, but i can not go on.
I acquired from CASToR_general_documentation.pdf that option ‘’-norm xxx.cdh’ and ’ -atn xxx.hdr ’ would complete the recon process i wanna , but formats of them were specified not so clearly as i could understood . I only searched a little description about normalization events with CASToR Input at pg.33 , so i was wondering should i convert to normalization format with extra code myself ? And what about attenuation , same so ?


Hello Xiaozhuang Wang,

For normalization, you will have to provide a header (.Cdh) and a binary (.Cdf) file containing appropriate normalization factors. I am also working with normalization factors while reconstructing images using CASToR and to begin with normalization, I started by reading the normalization file given in the benchmark so as to understand the format. I am attaching a simple code I use to read my binary normalization files.

Further, in order to include the normalization factors, in the file castor-GATERootToCastor, while writing the event in the datafile ( LM in my case), I include the normalization factors by providing the command Event->SetNormalizationFactor(norm), where norm represents the normalization factor for respective castor ID 1 and castor ID 2.


Kajal Aggarwal

ToReadCastorBinary.cpp (565 Bytes)