About the General Discussions category

This section is dedicated to the main discussions about the software.


  • Issues regarding the use of CASToR.
  • Input/Output data format
  • Compilation related questions.
  • Bug reports.

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  • As a Mailing-list: Send an email to (mailto:castor_project+general-discussions-5@discoursemail.com) to automatically create a new topic and send emails to the registered users. Answering to this email will create follow-up posts.

:grey_exclamation: In order to configure your account to use the forum as a mailing list, first you have to enable the Enable mailing list mode parameter in your account Preferences/Emails settings, and save changes.


Before creating a new topic, please have a look at the documentation castor documentation and/or use the search function (top of the frame) to check whether your question has already been answered.