CASToR installation

​Hi Hadi,

Please use the mailing list as other people may help you or may find useful information.

As a basic installation:

  • extract the castor zip package

  • go in the castor folder

  • type “export CASTOR_OMP=1” (for multi-thread support)

  • type “make -j”

  • binaries will be in the bin/ folder

  • to launch castor, set the CASTOR_CONFIG variable to the location of the config/ folder in the castor package (use “export CASTOR_CONFIG=/path/to/the/config/folder”)

Good luck


Hi, Hadi

If you want to install CASToR in ubuntu or other Unix/Linux system, I recommend you use CMake to build, configure and install. During that progress, you can easily use ccmake to configure all environments which show in general documentation in UI. Good luck!