How to apply 'time resolution (200 ps)' and 'random&scatter correction' to the offset detector

Dear CASToR Users and Developers,

Hi I am Suhwan Kim

I designed the offset detector of ‘PETscanner’ using the GATE tool.

I want to apply ‘time resolution (200 ps)’ and ‘random&scatter correction’ when performing image reconstruction.

I don’t know how to proceed.

can you help me??


Suhwan Kim

Hellow, about TOF, you can extract time information of coincidences by calculating Δt of two singles. Then you can write the Cdf file with delta time as what has been shown in CASToR Official Guide.

Using castor-GATERootToCastor, you can convert TOF data using the -TOF_reso option along with a value corresponding to the CRT.
The tool does not perform scatter/random correction though and you would have to generate the datafile yourself (or modify to do so) .
Regarding scatter correction with TOF, have a look at this previous thread which discusses the matter:

Hope this helps,

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