"killed" message after some days run

Dear CASToR users

I ran a program but after some days I found “killed” message and only sensitivity.img has produced. What is the reason for this error? I used CASTOR_v3
Did anyone face the same error?
Thank you

./castor-recon -df TBderenzo_df.Cdh -dout TBderenzo -opti MLEM -it 3:10 -th 8 -proj joseph -conv gaussian,4.,4.5,3.5::psf -dim 280,280,1344

sOutputManager::InitOutputDirectory() → Output path is ‘TBderenzo’
castor-recon() → Launch reconstruction from CASToR version 3.0.1.
sScannerManager::Initialize() → From scanner TBderenzo
oProjectorManager::Initialize() → Initialize projectors and projection lines
----- Dynamic model: No parameters given - setting diagonal basis functions !
oOptimizerManager::Initialize() → Initialize optimizer and penalty
oImageConvolverManager::Initialize() → Initialize image convolvers
oSensitivityGenerator::Launch() → Start the sensitivity computation

→ Time spent for sensitivity generation | User: 276500 sec | CPU: 2.1842655e+06 sec
sChronoManager::Initialize() → Initialize all duration counters for profiling
vAlgorithm::IterateCPU() → Start algorithm for 3 iterations
vAlgorithm::IterateCPU() → Start iteration 1/3 subset 1/10



I would say that the kill should not be directly related to CASToR execution, as the kill is an operation performed by the operating system or the user. Your sensitivity image is really big, which might explain the time, but you can relaunch your recon with the computed sensitivity image given in input, so as not to calculate it again.



Hi Marina
Thank you for responding.
How can I relaunch it without recomputing sensitivity?
Thank you


castor-recon -help-in

There is the -sens option, to which you should provide the sensitivity image header

Thank you so much.