maximum axial difference for coincidences

Dear castor users
I am using castor_v2.1 and at the first I want to calculate the coincidences with regarding the maximum axial difference. Are there any way to apply this option before reconstruction?
Any answer will be highly appreciated!

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Dear Hadi,

As far as I know, and it is valid only if the code has been fully implemented, the maximum axial difference can only be used during the reconstruction to ignore lines of response beyond this provided maximum axial difference.

As far as I remember, it is implemented through a copolar angle in order to be generic, and not a ring difference.

To apply this before reconstruction, you will have to implement your own code to do so.

You can start with one of the toolkits provided, such as castor-dataFileExplorer or castor-dataFileShuffler.



Thank you for your response.

Hi Hadi,

This option just affects the computation of the sensitivity image for list-mode, in the case it is computed from the scanner geometry (not from a normalization datafile nor from histogram, as described in documentation 6.1). It is not applied during reconstruction.

What this parameter does is imposing a restriction on the axial distance between the detectors during the sensitivity image computation. The only purpose is to adapt the sensitivity image to the reconstruction of a dataset acquired/simulated with axial restrictions in the system geometry.

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