Question about Data Converter-Siemens Biograph mCT

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I am trying to use the tool for the conversion of Siemens Biography mCT PET data to the CASToR data file format. In this tool, there are four mandatory options (output name, normalization sinogram, prompts sinogram and random sinogram). However, after using e7 toolbox, I do not have a random sinogram. How to solve this problem?

By the way, anyone using CASToR is from Australia or China?

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Hi Yu !

Is the original sinogram a prompt one, or a prompt-minus-delays ?
To know that, you may look into your sinogram to see if there are negative values or not.


Dear Yu,

The random sinogram is mandatory to convert data into Castor format. When using e7tools, you can have access to the smoothed random sinogram (like the scatter sinogram…). It is named something like smoothed_rand_xx.s. This is directly the estimated random sinogram (with low variance) as computed by the approach developed by V. Panin.



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Hi Carlier,

Thanks for your reply. I checked my all files after using JSRecon from e7 toolbox. Did not find a file like smoothed_rand_xx.s. Would you mind sending me more details of how to get a smoothed random sinogram?

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Carlier Thomas <> 于2019年4月10日周三 下午5:51写道:


It is relatively straightforward. You should activate the flag -d when using e7_recon and of course specify the output directory.