I downloaded Castor a few months ago without realizing that it is only available on linux. I am a windows user. I then was added to this list of users.

I never tried castor and by the look of the evolution of my career, probably never will (unfortunately).
I would like to be removed from the list of the castor project as it is a fairly active channel I have no involvement in.
Nevertheless, I thank you for being so welcoming around your project.

Kind Regards,

Dimitri Reynard

Hi Dimitri,

Although most users are indeed using linux, Castor works on Windows :). There are also some compiled binaries for windows in the download page (they were cross-compiled using mingw though, so maybe directly compiling the code on Windows with MSVC compiler or any windows compiler would generate more optimized binaries).

Anyway if you (or any users) would still want to remove from the mailing-list, you can do it directly from the following link (bottom of the page): http://lists.castor-project.org/listinfo/castor-users

Kind regards,

Thibaut M.