About TOF Function

Dear all,

I have a question about CASToR PET TOF characteristic. When I convert a ROOT list-mode data generated with GATE to CASToR datafile, the TOF data about events converted automatically? And when I do castor-recon, the TOF data was also used by CASToR automatically? Do I have the option to ban the TOF function in castor-recon because I noticed that Dr. Merlin mentioned before about enabling TOF function in converter but I didn’t find any related info in CASToR introduction file?


Hello Xinjie,

if I'm not mistaken when you convert the Gate Root file into a CASToR datafile and you want the TOF information to be included, you need to use the flag -tof tof_resolution_you_want_to_use. After doing this the tof-flag is active and the reconstruction algorithm should use TOF mode automatically. If you don't convert the information from the ROOT file, no TOF algorithm will be used.

Let me know if you need more,


Dear Debora,

Thanks for your reply. The TOF flag is disable by default and I think this problem has been solved. Anyway, thank you very much again!