building CASToR with root library

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I want to reconstruct GATE simulation data. I have already installed CASToR in virtual machine (ubuntu).
CASToR was configured the compilation using the following environment variables

export CASToR_CONFIG=/home/gate/castor_v.3.0.1/config
export CASToR_OMP=1
export CASToR_ROOT=1

I have successfully reconstructed the benchmark for the list mode data. However, the castor-GATE-RootToCastor command did not work. The following error was displayed.
“CASToR must be compiled with ROOT to read input root files” The installation manual states, “root-config -libs And root-config -cflags variables are correctly initialized.” How do I deal with this?

Any advice are appreciated.

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I will supplement the information. I have installed CASToR on vGATE8.2 (including ROOT6.14.00).

Thank you.

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2020年4月29日(水) 1:17 Suguru Katsube <>:

H Suguru,

This may be a typo as Makefile environment variables must be all written in uppercase (CASTOR_ROOT instead of CASToR_ROOT).


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