Dear Castor Users,

I am new to castor! I am trying to make a .geom file from the castor-GATEMacToGeom toolkit. so in the castor/bin directory, I run this code:

./castor-GATEMacToGeom -m 1.mac

that 1.mac file exists there.

and I received this message:

***** sOutputManager::CheckConfigDir() → No path for CASTOR_CONFIG variable provided !

How I can specify a path for CASTOR_CONFIG ???

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Best Regards,

Dear Mahdi,

If you installed CASToR using the provided makefile, you should set the CASTOR_CONFIG variable to the config directory of your castor repository. For example with bash:

export CASTOR_CONFIG=/path/to/CASToR/config/

If you use instead CMake GUI, it should automatically set it.

Hope this helps,