Hello everybody!

Just a test/introduction message. My name is Alex Vergara, I am medical physicist and a GATE user, I will be glad to contribute to this castor project, but first I need to understand the basics. Does anyone has a minimal working example to show? I have successfully compiled the castor executables with netbeans, but now I dont know what else to do.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your interest. Some benchmarks are distributed on the website, you can start from here.
The documentation will also tell you how to convert your GATE data automatically into CASToR datafiles.


Hello CASToR community,

I was wondering if there will be any FAQ available for bug reports and troubleshooting?
I am having trouble compiling the code on Fedora25 with CMake version 3.6.2 and gcc-6.3.1.

The error I get is about variable called CASTOR_CONFIG form <<sOutputManager.cc:136:23: ‘CASTOR_CONFIG’ was not declared in this scope >>

Did anyone face this problem?


Hello Harutyun

TRy using netbeans as a whole in one compiler, just activate the c++ plugin, it will check the dependencies and you may see what is wrong. Another option is Eclipse, but is the same thing.


Hello Harut,

Using CMake CLI, you must set the config directory with -DCASTOR_CONFIG=/full/path/to/your/config/folder/ when generating the Makefile*.* Same applies to the other CASToR_XXX variables.

I suggest to use CMake GUI (ccmake) if possible, as this variable will be automatically set.

Best regards,


Hi Richard,

For now we only have a description of the mMR geometry (positions of the crystals in a look-up table).

We are working on a converter for mMR, but I cannot yet say when it will be available.

Best regards,