GATERootToCastor scatter/random correction

Dear Castor-users,

I am sorry if this question is trivial but I cannot seem to get a grip of it.

When performing a ROOT to Castor conversion with GATERootToCastor the number of scatters and randoms are estimated. Are scatter/random corrections performed on the data during the conversion of the ROOT file and thus already present in the datafile to be reconstructed?

If not, how are these correction terms (supposedly in scatter rate or random rate) added to the final reconstruction if the conversion has been done using GATERootToCastor?

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Hello Philip,

The estimation of scatter and random corrections is not implemented in the conversion code, only their respective number is computed from the root meta-data. Currently there is only the possibility to ignore these events in the resulting datafile using the -t option).

This implementation would not require much work though (recover the number of scatter/randoms events for each couple of crystal IDs before the conversion, and compute the correct correction factor for each event during the conversion).

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