how to write attenuation image header file

Dear CASToR developers and users,

I have been facing an issue with attenuation when trying to reconstruct a PET image from GATE simulation data, and my simulation item is a 200mm-diameter water cylinder. As shown in the attachment: “clinder.png”, obvious attenuations can be seen in the recon image, so I need to apply attenuation correction by providing the MuMap file with the help of “-atn XXX” in castor-recon.

I have already obtained MuMap file (“BrainPET_atn_Water-MuMap.raw” in attachment) and its header (“BrainPET_atn_Water-MuMap.mhd”) from MuMapActor in GATE. submitted the header file into castor-recon using the following commands: “castor-recon -df /home/castor/workDir/Cdf/Clinder_b2b_WaterPhantom.Cdh -atn /home/castor/workDir/atn/BrainPET_atn_Water-MuMap.mhd -opti MLEM -it 10:9 -proj joseph -conv gaussian,1.7,1.7,3::psf -dim 630,630,40 -vox 0.3225,0.32255,0.3225 -dout /home/castor/workDir/img/waterClinder_forAttenuation -th 0”

But errors were shown on screen, as provided in the attachment: “output.png”. I guess it is because I did not offer the image header file in the correct format as CASToR required. Can anyone tell me where can I find an example of attenuation image header file, so I can write the MuMap header correctly.

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Xin Zhao



BrainPET_atn_Water-MuMap.mhd (353 Bytes)


The header is the same as for images coming out from CASToR. You can use one of these as a template.


Thank you Simon for so quick answer, I will have a try.

Xin Zhao