Error about Attenuation Map

Dear all,

I generated an attenuation map and wanted to apply it to my reconstruction. But when I apply it in Castor-recon, the error popped up as follows,

Hi Xinjie,

Yes indeed this is the same issue. Interfile header can come in several format and CASToR can’t open the one you provided. I couldn’t open it with a text editor either.

If you didn’t do that already, one quick work-around could be to create an interfile header for your binary file from one compatible header. I attached one to this mail, you just have to change the name of data file as well as voxel dimensions/size. The 'total number of images’ key must correspond to the number of axial slices (as matrix size [3]), 211 in your case.

Hope this helps,

mumap_sebal.hdr (784 Bytes)