partial volume pet reconstruction

Dear CASToR users and developers:

We designed a partial PET scanner but we could not reconstruct the exact image. Is there a limit to the Castor application that cannot reconstruct a partial PET scanner?

Is there any way to reconstruct the partial volume in aCastor ?

Have you heard anything about" look up tables"?

Thank you for your help.


In terms of reconstructing images from tomographic data, CASToR can do whatever you tell it to do.

There is not limit, you can even design a “two crystals” PET scanner.

The use of look-up-tables is detailed in the documentation.

The limit for partial PET scanners is physical and not methodological.


Please always reply to the mailing list as any info could be useful for others.

What method are you talking about, the normalization, the optimization algorithm, or other ?

Yes it can as soon as you have at least 180 degrees of data, otherwise you will need to include prior knowledge into the reconstruction.


The TOF information also decreases the need for full ring tomographic data.