PET Image reconstruction

Dear Expert,

We defined a PETScanner with trapezoidal crystals in GATE MC Code. I try to do image reconstruction from Root output. All reconstruction software use outputs of default scanners of GATE to reconstruct the image like CylindricalPET, or ECAT system, which their default geometry is a box. Can I use CASTOR software for a PETScanner with trapezoidal geometry?

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Hi Payvand,

The PET scanner description in CASToR can be done in two ways:
- ascii description, assuming a cylindricalPET system as in GATE, with parallelepipoidal crystals
- look-up-table providing the central position of each detection element

If you use the second option, it way work for you, as soon as you plan to use simple projectors that only need one point in the crystal.

So to give you a short answer to your question: not directly.