problem in multithreading

Dear CASToR users
I used castor_v2.1 and I exported CASTOR_OMP=1 and CASTOR_MPI for installation but when I run a program only one thread is used. I attached a picture that indicates it. How can I use multithreading for reconstruction? I used a big scanner and I need to faster reconstruction!!

Any answer will be highly appreciated!

Best regards

Dear Hadi,

The option “-th 0” will automatically fix a number of threads corresponding to the number of cores in your system.

We built CASToR so that it does not do anything by default unless the use asks for it.



Please always answer to the list as it may be of interest for other users.

This warning message cannot be more clear: the code was not compiled with the CASTOR_OMP option. You should redo the compilation following the users guide.