Reconstruction from GATE projections GitHub

Hello, I’m sharing with you my recent work, following James Scuffham, to reproduce TEW correction from GATE Simulations!

By the time he tried, he was not successful at running the scripts after the conversion

Projection à Castor Cdf file.

I’ve managed to make it work, or I think so hahah.

You can clone or Download the Git Repo, feel free to send me messages and try to develop the code.

It’s a Python Notebook with Jupyter. Recommend to download Anaconda package.

It has also the function to merge projections after splitting (not with the jobsplitter), and you can save them as DICOM using the SITK, or make the other way import DICOM projections and recon then with CASTOR. It’s all present in the notebook.

I would like to thank, Uwe Pietrzyk for the EduGate Reconstruction code, it gave me an idea how to do deal with my projections.

Thank you CASTOR developers for the great code. See the results I’m getting, none of corrections turned me to an OK result. I had to make some changes into the config files sometimes, I was mostly surprised that the ATN corr resulted in an crazy artifact.

João Castelo

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

IRD, Brazil