castor benchmark test

Dear all,

I have just installed CASToR and tried the PET benchmark histogram by running the bash script. But I got an error message below ( the log file is also attached in the email). What can I do to avoid this? Many thanks.

benchmark_pet_histogram_challenger.log (28.7 KB)

Hi !

At first, we implemented these difference-tests to track the development and to spot any changes in the code that could significantly affect the results.

The quite "strong" threshold values used here were adjusted based on all the tests we performed inside the development team, based on different computers and OS.

If you take a look at your values, the maximum absolute difference difference in a given voxel is 0.3%, which is rather insignificant. But still, it is higher than the values we experienced.

What is your computer hardware and your OS ? What is your compiler ?

Did you try to look at both images at the same time (the reference and the challenger) to see if there is any visible pattern, line artifact or something ?

Do the other benchmarks run well ?