CasToR Benchmark test

Hello everyone and CasToR team,

I am just a beginner for using CasToR, so I have a simple question

(maybe there is a better mailing list for my question).

I have CasTOR v.2.1, compiled with a Make file under Linux Mint

with an MPI flag. I try to run a benchmark PET-benchmark-histogram v2,

and I get the following error:

Hi Fedor,

Would you mind sending your CASToR recon command with your question? That will make it easy to help you.


Dear Xinjie Cao,

Thanks for the response. I run the bash script which is given in the benchmark archive (PET benchmark histogram)

downloaded from the official CaSToR website:

I just attach the bash script which I run, tell me if this helps.



сб, 4 июл. 2020 г. в 07:18, Xinjie Cao <>: (7.26 KB)


Several errors seem to have occurred when you ran the script. First, I would recommend downloading the latest CASToR version, which should not be bothersome as you’ve only started using CASToR.
About MPI, will you actually use it (do you actually have several computing machines)? Starting with OpenMP is maybe better for the first tests.
The input CASToR datafile .cdh does not seem to be found: if you specify only the name of the file, the file must be located in the folder from which you launch castor-recon, otherwise if you run castor-recon from anywhere, you should provide the absolute full path to the file.



Thanks, with version 3.0 all works fine. You are also right, OpenMP is better for my machine.

For the previous errors, I am not sure, because I added a path to castor-recon and ran it from the folder with .cdh file.



пн, 6 июл. 2020 г. в 10:00, FILIPOVIC PIERUCCI Marina <>: