castor-GATErootToCastor error message

Dear all,

I try to use CASTOR (v.3.1.1) on a root output file from a GATE simulated
SPECT camera.
Firstly I used castor-GATEMacToGeom to create the .geom file of the Camera.
Then I tried to use castor-GATErootToCastor to convert the root output
file to a CASTOR datafile but I get the error message:
***** sScannerManager::FindScannerSystem() -> Scanner 'gamma2.geom' is not
known in the scanner repository. Please provide a LUT/generic file for
this scanner in the scanner repository in:

Here is the list of all available scanners in the repository along with
their options:

Dear Dimitrios,

Could you check if in the datafile, the system alias (“Scanner name”) already has a “.geom” extension ? Normally it should just be the system name, as in:

Scanner name: gamma2

Hope this helps,

Dear Thibaut,

Thank you for your answer. I tried to use castor-GATErootToCastor to
convert root file from GATE to castor datafile format automatically but
the gamma2.geom file is not recognized. I tried to use
SPECT_CASTOR_BENCHMARK.geom file but I got the same error message.
I write something wrong in the command? Or it is a bug?
"castor-GATERootToCastor -i gamma2.root -o gamma2.out -m gamma2.mac -s
Moreover, GATE output files can be root files, ASCII files or sinograms
with many parameters written in them.
In CASTOR user guide is written that: "SPECT datafiles can hold histogram
or list-mode data with associated corrections (the latter is not yet
So I need to convert a GATE output to a binary CASTOR datafile.

Thank you in advance,
Dimitris Thanasas

Hi there,
Sorry to interfere.! Your command seems a bit wrong. You should not use ".geom" in the command line. The command line should be:

castor-GATERootToCastor -i gamma2.root -o gamma2 -m gamma2.mac -s gamma2


Dear Konstantinos,

Thank you very much, it worked. I had also to use sp_bins to declare the
number of bins at each axis.