root reconstruction

Dear CASToR users

I used castor-GATERootToCastor to reconstruct a root file. After writing -i & -o & -m & -s , I found this message:

***** sScannerManager::FindScannerSystem() → Scanner '/…/CASToR/castor_v2.1/config/scanner/DLS.geom’ is not known in the scanner repository. Please provide a LUT/generic file for this scanner in the scanner repository

Is it necessary to provide .lut file for root files reconstruction? and how can I create it?

Any help I would really appreciate it.

Best regards

Hi Hadi,

I do not know what kind of simulation you are doing (CT/PET/SPECT), but I am guessing the DLS.geom you built for you recon before is from a non-common geometry, right? As far as I know, the CASToR only supports some very common geometry for recon, like cylindrical PET rings for PET simulation recon. So, if you want to do recon from a self-defined geometry now, you usually have to generate a generic look-up table (LUT) file for root to make the RootToCastor conversion. Hope this helps!


Dear Hadi,

By default, the converter looks for a scanner configuration file matching the alias you provided (here, DLS) by -s in the scanner repository. It couldn’t find it so you get the error. As you are converting root data, you can automatically generate this file from the gate mac file by adding the -geo option to your castor-GATERootToCastor command line.



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