Find help, please

Dear CasTor users,
  I had a problem when I used the castor to reconstruct image. here are the steps.

  1. define the system and simulation, cylindricalPET, Root files.

  2. a) by "castor-PetScannerLutEx -alias ini.mac", generating the "ini.mac.lut" and "ini.mac.hscan" files;
      b) by "castor-GATEMacToGeom -m ini.mac -o out", generating the "out.geom" file.

  3. by "castor-GATERootToCastor -i ../output/out.root -o ../output/w -m ini.mac -s ~/progs/Castor/castor_v2.0.3/config/scanner/ini.mac.lut" to generate files, but I always got the problem, which were
    "0 : ini.mac
    ***** sScannerManager::FindScannerSystem() -> Scanner '/home/jack/progs/Castor/castor_v2.0.3/config/scanner/ini.mac.lut' is not known in the scanner repository. Please provide a LUT/generic file for this scanner in the scanner repository in: /home/jack/progs/Castor/castor_v2.0.3/config/scanner/"

  Then I also tried the '.geom' files, but I also had the same problem.
  What should I do to solve it? Thanks for your help!
  Your Sincerely

Dear Tianquan,