CASToR - problems in GATEMacToGeom

Hello everyone,

I am trying to generate .geom file using a .mac file, using the following command :
castor-GATEMacToGeom -m DigiPET.mac -o kjScanner.geom

However, I am not doing it correct entirely, since I am getting this message :

path mac DigiPET.mac
0 : DigiPET.mac

— CylindricalPET system detected. Proceeding to conversion… —

Detected rsector container’s name : PEThead
Detected module container’s name : myblock
Detected crystal container’s name : myLSOcrystal
Detected layer #0 container’s name : SiPM
***** dataConversionUtilities::CreateGeomWithCylindrical()-> Couldn’t open geom file for writing

Can you please help me to solve this issue.


It seems that you do not have rights to write in the folder you are working in.
Try another folder where you are sure to be allowed to write in.