CASToR vs Gate PETscanner system root.output vs It is possible to do reconstruction of my Gate phantom using TOF ....

Dear Maxime,

Thanks for answering me. I will see If I can give a pre-computed LUT file or implement the conversion of my format to a .geom.…

However, changing the system would not be good for me since I already have many results with this one including a simple reconstruction of my phantom using a Simple Back Projection (SBP) adapted to the output of my Gate simulation and since the Cherenkov Photons production is very low each Gate simulation (the most simple one) takes more than 10 hours if I want to have enough statistics in the coincidences….

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Dania Consuegra Rodríguez

Phd student Jožef Stefan Institute


While doing one of those two options would be the best solution, there is another one. You just need to have two instance of your geometry.mac: one for your SBP reconstruction (PETscanner) and another for castor (CylindricalPET). If you set the same seed, the simulations obtained from both geometry.mac will have the same data. The only difference should be in detectors Id.

This is more a hack than a solution, however. After all, it double the time and space taken for each simulation. Since you have simulations that take more than 10 hours, it is far from being practical, but better than nothing!

Have a nice day,
Maxime Toussaint