Cherenkov Photons vs cylindricalPET vs CASToR with TOF vs CASTor without TOF....

Dear CASToR users,

I’m getting nice CASToR reconstructions for Cherenkov Photon PET using as starting point my Gate simulation output t**hat use a CylindricalPET system…**.

I’m interested in evaluate the influence of TOF in the reconstructed images. So, f**or a same inicial Gate simulation output, I would like to be able to compare between reconstructed images using CASToR with and without TOF….

How can I do that ?

So far what I could do for a same Gate output is compare the reconstruction using CASToR (without TOF) and the reconstruction using MLP (with TOF)….

Any help I would really appreciate it….

Kind regards,

Dania Consuegra Rodríguez

Phd student Jožef Stefan Institute


You will have to modify the tool for GATE conversion to CASToR, in order to write the TOF information for each event.
Page 33, you will find the specifications of a CASToR list-mode event, you will have to write the TOF information at the right position.

If you added a time blurring module in GATE, then you can directly write the difference in time arrival of the two singles.
If you did not, you will have to add that stochastic time blurring for each of the two singles of each coincidence in the conversion tool.

Also as you simulate the cherenkov photons to make GATE singles, beware of what is the time actually written in the ROOT file (I do not know what GATE does); is it the first photon, the integration time of all photons, etc.