could not able to send an email to mailing list

Hi Thibaut,

I am a new castor user and planning to use this software for my GATE simulated data image reconstruction. After reading CASToR manual, I have found that it is the one I am looking for.

I am having problem with attenuation map generation in Castor interfile format. So, I tried to post my question on Castor mailing list, but I could able to do that. I do not know whether my email was received my mailing list! When I go to the mailing list I can only see the mailing list archive only up to January 2020, not after that! So could you please check on that?

For attenuation map generation, we scanned the phantom and imported the dicom data in Matlab for calculations, then tried to write the interfile file, but there is not support on interfile writer. So, we want to ask a question about it in community, to get it done, but with no success.

So, please could you check what’s going on with my email address in your mailing list?


Ashok Tiwari

PhD student

University of Iowa