issue with PSF model

Dear CASToR users and developers

I reconstructed a simulated image quality phantom without PSF and then reconstructed it with PSF using the created sensitivity image. But I found that the PSF model has artifacts.

What could be the reason? my reconstruction command is below and two images with PSF and without PSF are attached.
Command line: ./castor-recon -df IEC130s_df.Cdh -dout IECwithPSF130s -opti MLEM -it 10:20 -th 40 -dim 256,256,827 -fov 600,600,1940 -atn myMapFileName-MuMap.hdr -sens IEC130s_sensitivity.hdr -conv gaussian,3,3,2.5::psf

Best regards.



Hi Hadi,

The PSF is applied to the sensitivity image during its calculation, so if you performed a PSF reconstruction with a sensitivity image generated from a reconstruction without PSF (or with a different PSF kernel), you will get artefacts.

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