New release CASToR V3.1

Dear CASToR users,

We are pleased to announce that version 3.1 of CASToR is now available on the CASToR website:

This update includes improvements in dynamic classes, in particular for the Spectral dynamic model. It includes various additional options and bug fixes related to the projectors and the GATE data converter,

and for dynamic features. Additionally, a python script to convert CASToR interfile images to NIfTI images is available at the following page:

The complete list of changes from the last version can be found in the attached text file.

Do not hesitate to send some feedback or to share your experience on the mailing list, even if positive :wink:

Kind regards,

Zacharias Chalampalakis

from_v3.0.1_to_v3.1 (1.97 KB)