Castor v1.0 available for download !

Dear subscribers,

We are pleased to release the first version of CASToR which can be downloaded from the following page :

The actual version includes the following features:

  • Iterative reconstruction algorithms

  • PET and SPECT (parallel-hole and convergent-beam collimators) geometries.

  • Reconstruction of multi-frames and respiratory/cardiac gated acquisitions.

  • Projector plug-in class system, including implementations of original and accelerated versions of the Siddon and Joseph projectors.

  • Optimization algorithm plug-in class system, including implementation of ML-EM, NEG-ML, AML (AB-EMML) and Lanwdeber optimization algorithms.

  • Plug-in class systems for image convolution and spatial regularization, and general image processing

  • Two-level parallel CPU implementation using MPI (multi-computers) and openMP (multi-threads) libraries.

  • Utility tool to convert GATE Monte-Carlo simulated data from root format to the CASToR datafile format.

Please make sure to download and read the documentation on the following page : to get detailed instructions on the installation and use of the platform, as well as information about the different file formats. If you encounter any issues or have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to send a mail on the users mailing-list : We are looking for your comments in order to improve and further develop the CASToR platform !

Keep an eye also on the website for further announcements of future developments and news on the CASToR platform

Kind regards,

the CASToR team