PET reconstruction with Staggered crystal by self-generating LUT

Dear Castor Developers and users,

I want to create a .lut and a .hscan file by running castor-PetScannerLutEx program to fitting a different system structure design with 2-layer interleaved crystal. This small animal PET system I reconstructed is named HiPET and in each detector there are 48×48 LYSO in the inner ring and 32×32 BGO in the outer ring. I edited source in ······/castor-source/config/scanner/ , and do " cmake → make → make install " , and run “castor-PetScannerLutEx command”. Errors occurred :

hipet@dell-PowerEdge-T640:~/CASToR/castor-build$ castor-PetScannerLutEx -alias hipet

Generating LUT with the following alias: hipet…

Start writing binary LUT file for layer #0
Binary LUT writing OK
***** oMatrix::Multiplication()-> Not matching number of colons and lines of the two matrices !
*** Break *** segmentation violation (26.9 KB)