projections with TOF

Dear All,
I have a question concerning projection functions.
Castor has multiple functions to calculate projections, e.g. in iProjectorJoseph there are: ProjectWithoutTOF, ProjectTOFListmode, ProjectTOFHistogram.
What we have observed is that even when we use TOF settings, the ProjectWithoutTOF method is called. Is it an expected behaviour?
Thank you in advance.


Are you using list-mode data ? If so, during the pre-computation of the sensitivity image, the ProjectWithoutTOF method is used, and this may be what you observe.


Dear Simon,
Yes, that would be it. Thank you for super-fast answer!


No that’s not normal behaviour, how did you check which function is called exactly and are you sure the TOF reconstruction is actually launched? Do you get the exact same reconstructed image whether you use the tof ignore option or not?



Dear Marina,

Thank you for your answers.
I guess it might be the case suggested Simon - computing of sensitivity image in the list-mode, but we will double-check it.

Dear Marina,
We checked it. The non-TOF versions are called during the sensitivity image computation, as suggested by Simon. So everything seems to be fine.
Thank you.