[PROVENANCE INTERNET] CASToR release 2.0 available

Dear Simon,

I tried to install the castor version v2.0 from the site, but the arxive file castor_v2.0.zip contains no castor-proj.cc required by CMakeLists.txt


Hi Slava,

I am not very familiar with the CMake as I use the standard Makefile.
However, castor-proj.cc is a program we don't distribute for the moment as it is far from being complete and stable.
Normally, the compilation of this program is embedded into the CASToR_BUILD_DEVEL variable from which it is said that is must not be set.
So if you unset it, everything should be fine.


Hell Simon,

indeed, if I deactivate the CASToR_BUILD_DEVEL, than this executable is no longer required.
Thanks !