[Castor-user] Input file format for CASToR

Dear CASToR users,


We want to obtain the TOF image using CASToR with the output data from our PET system. So, I’m trying to convert the acquired data by our PET system into a CASToR input file.
1.Can I use .txt and .bin files instead of .cdh and .cdf files?

  1. In the description of section 6.1.1, are the field items having the default value among the mandatory field items in the header file recognized as default even if they are not entered in the header file?

3.list-mod and histogram What does ‘Time in ms’ mean in the content of binary data files? Does it mean either start time or duration?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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1. What sort of .txt and .bin files do you refer to? The CASToR platform has a specific format for input data (.cdh and .cdf), as there are no universal formats. What sort of PET system do you have? I guess you have looked into the available converters for different PET systems on the website.

2. The mandatory field items in the header file are mandatory, so you have to provide them and they don't have a default value. However, the optional items do have a default value as specified if you don't provide them.

3. For list-mode data, 'time in ms' for each coincidence is the time of detection for that coincidence. For histogram data, this field is not really relevant for each event, but you should put the start time.

Hope this helps, let us know.


Marina Filipovic