Image reconstruction using our PET system data

Dear CASToR users,


We want to obtain the TOF image using CASToR with the output data from our PET system.

Our data is ASCII or binary file(extension). We can provide X, Y, Z coordinates and timing information and etc.

Please let me know the detail information about input file format for TOF reconstruction.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Dear Yeonkyeong,

You can find the descriptions of the CASToR input datafile for both histogram or list-mode in the section 6 of the software documentation (tables 2 and 3 present the content of a histogram/list-mode event respectively):

You will have to provide the geometry of your system as well, as described in the Sections 5 and 5.1. If you have the X,Y,Z coordinates for each detectors, maybe using a precomputed .lut file will be more convenient to you (see section 5.1.2).

Both PET benchmarks (histogram/list-mode) include TOF data and recover the geometrical information from a LUT file, so you can use them as examples.

Hope this helps

Best regards,
Thibaut Merlin