Image reconstruction in CASToR


What do you mean by “I am not getting the correct image”? I have no idea of what is your “correct image” in your context.

My first random guess would be that the “problem” lies in the fact that you used a weird image space without knowing it. Most of the time, you need to set two of the following for a reconstruction: voxel size, FoV size and the number of voxels. In your case, you defined one of them (-dim), so I would guess that the default values of your scanner were used for the other two. If the FoV default size was used, it would means that your voxel would have the same length as the FoV in the z-axis which would clearly give weird results. To deal with this, either set the FoV size or the voxel size when using castor-recon.

Maxime Toussaint