Questions about options in 'castor-recon'

Dear CASToR Users and Developers,

Hi I am Shwan.

I have a few questions.

  1. What should the values of voxSizeX, voxSizeY, and voxSizeZ be set in ‘Other optional settings’ of ‘castor-recon’?

I used crystal pixel size/4 or crystal pixel size/6 for its value.

Is there a standard for determining the voxel size of ‘-vox’?

  1. Also, what should I set the value of ‘-conv’ for ‘castor-recon’?

Any advice and suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Dear Shwan,

  1. There is no good answer as the optimal voxel size will depend on a number of parameters, such as the spatial resolution of your system as you suggested, but also the object you want to reconstruct, the statistics in the data, the purpose of your study, etc… you should try different voxel sizes and choose those which suit your application the best.

  2. -conv is optional and again has a variety of purposes (psf for resolution recovery, blurring, etc…). For psf, the FWHM parameters should correspond to the spatial resolution of your system. You can get some more information about -conv parameters with the option -help-conv.

Hope this helps,