New CASToR release 2.1

Dear CASToR users,

We are pleased to announce that the version 2.1 of CASToR has now been released.
It is available on the CASToR website:

The main new feature is the availability of penalized reconstructions, also called MAP algorithms.

The following algorithms are including:
- One-Step-Late (from P. J. Green)
- Penalized Preconditionned Gradient ML (from J. Nuyts et al)
- BSREM (the version II from S. Ahn and J. Fessler, used by GE)
- Modified EM for Penalized ML (from A. De Pierro)

The following penalties are including:
- Markov Random Field (including all standard elements from the litterature such as quadratic or relative difference penalties, Bowsher weights, etc)
- Median Root Prior

A complete description of these new features can be found at: Features | CASToR

This new version also includes some bug fixes.
The list of changes from the last version can be found in the attached text file.

Do not hesitate to send some feedback or to share experience on the mailing list, even if positive :wink:

The CASToR collaboration

from_v2.0.3_to_v2.1.txt (2.58 KB)