Problem in crystal index


I am trying to reconstruct my data for cylindrical PET system after creating scanner.geom and scanner.cdh files. However, I get an error that my crystal index is out of range as shown below:

iScannerPET::GetPositionsAndOrientations() → Crystal index 1 (-2090952667) out of range [0:5615]

Could you suggest me how do I overcome this issue?


There could be several different explanations.

Did you write the event indices as uint32_t in the binary datafile ?
Where do your data come from ?
Did you include corrections in the datafile ?

You may post a log file with the verbose level set to 3 in order to get a bit more information.


Hello Simon,

Thank you for your response.

I do not know how can I write the event indices as unit32_t in the binary datafile.

My data is coming from Gate simulation of a pixelated file geometry for a source at the centre of the scanner.

I did not include any corrections.

I am attaching the log file for further reference.

Thank you.

iris.log (146 KB)

If I am correct, this was a PET simulation and you used the castor-GATERootToCastor conversion program to convert your simulated data into a CASToR datafile ?

This is to know where to look for.


Yes it was a PET simulation and I did use castor-GATERootToCastor to convert my data to .cdh and .cdf files.

Hello Kajal,

Could you please share the .mac files used in your GATE simulation so that I can try to reproduce the issue and figure out the cause ?

Best regards,