Questions about multi-bed in CASToR


I was looking at the code of CASToR v2.1 and it seems that it includes a multi-bed reconstruction option. However, the code to use it in castor-recon is commented and it is not shown in the documentation.

Thus, I was wondering the following:

  • I am guessing that this functionality is not yet ready since it is commented . Do you have an idea on when it might become available? I will not take it as a promise, but just to have an idea. (Weeks, months, years, etc.)

  • From my understanding, CASToR implementation of multi-bed consists of including all the bed position in the reconstruction process and not simply doing independent bed reconstructions. Is my understanding correct?

  • Could you tell us what is missing to make that functionality available? (In the off chance that I want to try it before it is officially version.)

Have a nice day,
Maxime Toussaint

Hi Maxime,

You are right, this feature will be available in a future release, in 6 to 12 months.

Thanks a lot for your interest!