'vb' option when converting GATE data

Dear Castor users,

I understood that the ‘vb’ option represents progress or detailed description.

However, when I reconstructed the image using simulation data, the image appeared properly only when the vb option was used.

The vb option is when using castor-GATERootToCastor. The options used for castor-recon are the same.

Since I set the Setdepth setting to 4 in the mac file, I used vb set to 4.

Why is this happening? Does the creation of image metrics vary by vb option?

Any help I would really appreciate it!

Dear Yeonkyeong,

Indeed, vb just defines the amount of information printed in logs. So it should have no influence on the image you get.

You got these outputs using the exact same datasets and parameters ? What are the values in your left image ?

Best regards,