Error in running example benchmark

Hi all,

I’m beginner of CASToR. I installed CASToR in virtual machine (ubuntu 18.04.2) and compiled CASToR using the provided Makefile.
After that, I tried to reconstruct example (castor_benchmark_v3_pet_list-mode)
I got the following error

[354] 09:23 vgate:~/Desktop/castor_benchmark_v3_pet_list-mode > ./

Dear Suguru,

If you still encounter the issue:
It looks like the software couldn’t find the directory containing the CASToR configuration file, in particular the geometry file. Using the Makefile, the environnement variable CASTOR_CONFIG must be sent to the config directory before running the benchmark. The location looks like to be home/gate/castor_v3.0.1/config/ in your case.

Hope this helps,

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